If you’re looking for a list of the best managed IT services companies in Charlotte, NC, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s the deal:

Most Charlotte IT service agency rankings are completely subjective.

And they don’t take one very important thing into consideration – the agency’s focus on security issues.

We wanted to do things differently. Specifically, we decided to rank the agencies using an objective rating system.

Nowadays, it seems that everyone and his brother claims to be an IT provider, so we decided to separate the wheat from the chaff for you.

For our research, be built an algorithm.

Here’s What We Did (Our Process)

1. Compiled a list of managed service providers in and around Charlotte
2. Gathered a bunch of data for each one
3. Created a scoring “algorithm” to rank them

To create the scoring model, we gathered several component of data for each of the MSP agencies on the list:

1. BBB rating
2. Number of years in business
3. Number of Google reviews
4. Average Google rating
5. Number of Yelp reviews
6. Average Yelp rating
7. Focus on security issues (based on services and OSINT)

Then we came up with a weighting system for the pieces of data and ran it through our algorithm.

With that, here are the top managed IT Service companies in Charlotte, NC.

Topping our list is BrightFlow Technologies – a managed IT Services company that’s been in the Charlotte area for over a decade.

Their customers have left them glowing reviews all over the internet and they partner with some pretty amazing vendors to provide a wide range of managed IT services to Charlotte businesses.

The company offers a range of IT services including VoIP, web, cybersecurity, compliance, and of course, outsourcing of daily IT tasks.

Visit site: www.brightflow.net

SecurityFirstIT has been serving the Charlotte area for over two decades. They’ve seen a lot of change in technology.

They offer services ranging from computer repair to networking, threat management, VoIP, server management, cybersecurity, compliance, and security training. One thing is for sure, they put security first in everything they offer.

One of the owners, David Simms, co-hosts the helpmewithhipaa podcast.

Vellve Systems has been in business for nearly a decade and a half.

One unique thing about the company is that they provide IT services for both residential and commercial customers. These services include a wide range of services from networking to data backups.

ATCOM is definitely one of the “most senior” of managed IT services companies in Charlotte. They have been providing technology solutions for nearly four decades.

The company has experts in all areas of IT and security and can help with pretty much any information technology needs.

They have numerous case studies on their website that all show how professional and efficient the ATCOM team has been.

Visit site: www.atcombts.com

For over a decade and a half, Sterling Technology Solutions has been providing IT solutions to companies around the Carolinas.

They have also made numerous media appearances on both podcasts and news for their opinions on various topics.

Sterling pays special attention to the needs of small and local businesses because of the teams’ own local roots.

SeedSpark is a powerhouse of IT talent, there’s no question.

Their team is very capable and have expertise in all areas of IT. While they do manage traditional IT solutions, they also focus somewhat heavily on application and web development.

Visit site: www.seedspark.com

One thing that makes IRIS solutions unique among managed IT service providers in Charlotte is their focus on medical and dental clients. While they offer IT services to any organization, they definitely focus on HIPAA compliant organizations.

This sets them apart from most. Their compliance expertise and their over two decades in the industry, make them a great choice.

Visit site: www.irissol.com

NetEffect has been in the manged IT services game a long time – since 1991. This and the skill of their staff make them among the top in Charlotte.

Their clients also seem to speak to the quality of their services, giving them high reviews.

Visit site: www.ne-t.com

The team at NetSafe has a grasp on IT that not many organizations have. They’ve been providing IT services for over a 15 years.

The NetSafe team has a unique approach to support that makes them stand out from all of the other managed IT services companies in Charlotte. They have two options – remote or on-site. With their on-site option, one of their team member becomes part of your team and works with you on a set amount of time weekly.

NetSafe also has more reviews than almost any other IT service company we reviewed. So, if you need IT support, be sure to check them out.

Corporate Information Technologies (CIT) has been in the IT game for over 23 years! With that amount of experience, you should probably listen to what they have to say.

CIT makes cybersecurity central to everything they do. That’s SUPER important into today’s word of threats. Another thing that makes them stand out from the rest is that they use SOC/SSAE 16-type 2 certified data centers. That’s important if your company is in a regulated industry.

Visit site: www.corp-infotech.com

The technology team from AT-NET are brilliant! They have experience and resumes that are astonishing!

AT-NET has offices throughout the southeast, but is headquartered in Charlotte. The managed IT services they offer will cover all of your organization’s needs. They’re a really great team with a lot of capabilities.

Visit site: www.expertip.net

Carolina Computer Partners (CCP) is another of Charlotte’s top information technology providers.

Their services include all of the basic IT needs, but also focus heavily on cloud and security. With the push to move to cloud and ever increasing attacks, these are both focuses that your organization can’t afford to overlook.

Visit site: www.ccpteam.com

Network Essentials has been in the managed IT service business for nearly two decades. There must be a reason that Charlotte’s companies have been trusting Network Essentials for this long.

Another huge win for the company is their experienced staff. Some of their team members have some pretty impressive IT and security certifications.

Visit site: www.tneus.com

14. Stablenet

Stablenet stands out from the other managed IT service companies in Charlotte for a couple of reasons. First, their team is made up of highly skilled professionals. Second, they are a preferred and recommended partner by both Dell and Cisco.

They’ve also even made it to the list of INC 500|5000 fastest growing American private companies. Now, that’s impressive!

Visit site: www.stablenet.net

NDSE understands cybersecurity and the threats facing organizations today. It’s obvious from the services they offer and seminars and training that they provide.

They are a team that you can trust to help your organization improve security and IT.

Visit site: www.ndse.net

SBT Partners has one of the most capable teams. The leadership team alone has a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry.

They also have office in other cities throughout the US. Whether you need cloud or IT as a service, they have the experience to help you out.

Visit site: www.sbtpartners.com

Solution Start Technologies has been offering network and IT solutions since 2000. That’s a long time! It also means they know the industry.

One distinguishing factor is that they understand HIPAA compliance and what regulated organizations need to do to protect the data they hold. If your organization must comply with HIPAA, check out Solution Start Technologies.

Visit site: www.solutionstart.com


There you have it: a list of the top managed IT service companies in Charlotte NC.

Now, I’d like to hear what you have to say:

Have you worked with any of the agencies listed here?

If so, leave a comment below right now.

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