CyberX’s healthcare cybersecurity consulting and managed security solutions help healthcare providers ensure that the data and privacy of their patients is protected and available.

Managed Security Services for Healthcare

At CyberX, we understand the importance of technology and its use in helping medical professional save lives. Efficient technological systems are great, but they aren’t enough. As recent events have proven, hospitals and medical facilities have become targets. Given the personal patient data and the critical processes that they operate, healthcare providers cannot afford a breach nor downtime. In a time where data it being used and shared more than ever, it is important that the data be secured.

Benefits For Both Employees & Patients

Information security isn’t all about stopping attacks. It also focuses on the availability of information. This could not be a more vital aspect of IT security than for a healthcare provider. Those who are helping patients and perhaps saving their lives can’t afford to have  a lack of information for any amount of time. CyberX wants to help you ensure that your facility never fails to provide your patients with the utmost care.

Safeguard Patient Health Data

It is vital that healthcare facilities protect the data of their patients. Laws strictly enforce patient data privacy. Don’t take any chance of harming your victims information. Let’s come up with a plan appropriate for you.

Services Within Your Budget

We understand that the budget can be tight. That is why we work with each client uniquely to come up with a plan that is both effective and affordable. Improving cyber security posture doesn’t have to be expensive.

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