Managed Security Services for Non-profits


Non-profit organizations face obstacles like no other organizations. They must work to overcome decreased funding, diminishing government support, changing expectations, scrutiny, higher accountability, growing demand for services, overwhelmed donors, and many other challenges during their uncertain life time.

To even come close to accomplishing their mission, non-profits must use technology in the most resourceful way possible. To help promote positive  benefits for our non-profit customers, we bring the solution between vision and performance. We help our non-profit customers perform at optimal IT efficiency and security so they can focus their efforts on achieving their mission.

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Non-profits believe better technology would improve efficiency

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Plan to move to cloud in next 3 years

How we can help

CyberX has decades of IT experience and services best practices with non-profit operations. We focus on better execution of IT strategies that result in real, marked performance. Our goal is to help non-profits improve their technology systems so their organization can meet their mission easier. We have the experience, to help nonprofits accomplish the required performance.

We also understand that non-profits face uniques security challenges. Working from small budgets, they often don’t have resources for security operations like large companies do. That’s why we offer non-profit discounts and strive to give them optimal solutions for less.

We help non-profits:

  • Provide reliable IT management for zero downtime
  • Monitor performance and establish continuous improvement plans
  • Reduce unnecessary IT expenses
  • Mitigate attacks that could cause costly penalties and downtime
  • Create secure mobile solutions
  • Perform backups to be sure they can always perform their mission

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