Technology is changing the way schools, colleges, and universities are able to facilitate communication between staff and students

Managed Security for a Superior Student Experience

With schools, colleges, and universities under constant financial strain, it is too easy for investments that don’t seem relevant – such as cyber security programs – to be abandoned. However, this is a terrible mistake. Institutions of learning are often targets of attack. For this reason, these organizations should work harder than ever to improve a strong security posture. We  understand that can be hard under a budget. That is why we want to help you. We have helped numerous nonprofits and schools increase their cyber defense without paying exorbitant amounts.

Unique Set of Challenges

Educational institutions face unique cyber security challenges. Resources are not unlimited and everyone has their own job to do in a day that speeds by. Security can fall out of the primary focus. Let us take care of that. You do your job, and we’ll make sure your data stays secure.

  • Secure your network and data: CyberX Managed Security Service solution helps to bring focus and efficiency to fragmented networks. Our robust system includes: firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Unified Threat Management, and more.
  • Meet the BYOD challenge: BYOD is how most educational facilities do things nowadays. While this is much more cost effective and convenient, it also introduces risks. Not a problem. We have ways to mitigate these risks – to allow convenience while maintaining security.
  • Promote Operational Performance: Network and IT security methods don’t have to slow your network. When properly implemented, Managed Network Security, Email Security, Web Security, and advanced security reporting measures will not only improve performance, but also facilitate cost effective growth.

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