What Is The Principle of Least Privilege?

Do you know one of the most common cybersecurity mistakes small businesses make? Not properly administering access throughout their networks. Everyone gets access to everything - leading to security breaches that leak massive amounts of data. Let’s look at how you can implement the pr...

Layered Approach To Security: How To Actually Stop Hackers (in 2020)

Are you wanting to know how to implement a layered approach to security that will actually protect your company from hackers? One that causes them to be so frustrated that they give up and move on.Then you will love today’s post. Layered security is the only way to actually stop cyber atta...

What is a trusted platform module? How It Drastically Boosts Security

If a hacker can get physical access to a computer, they can bypass any locks and passwords to get access to the computer’s data. That is why encrypting your computer is so important.  But keeping up with a decryption key is another inconvenience. Using a trusted platform module (...

15 Examples Of Security Incidents Affecting Small Businesses [in 2020]

Today, we’re going to look at 15 examples of security incidents that every small & mid-sized business needs to understand. In many cases, if you can detect and properly respond to these incidents, you can prevent them from escalating into breaches. Let’s get started. Table of Cont...

Does encryption prevent ransomware

Ransomware attacks have been increasing for the last few years. And there are lots of questions about ways to prevent ransomware. Today, we want to answer one of these: Does encryption prevent ransomware? Can ransomware encrypt an encrypted drive? Even if you have encrypted your hard drives, ransomw...

12 Completely Safe Methods To Check Links For Viruses [Without Clicking]

This is the most comprehensive guide to checking questionable links without risking the security of your computer systems. Today, I’m going to show you 12 completely safe methods.In short, if you want to check links for viruses, you’ll love this article. Let’s get started.Why shouldn’t you...

Phishing vs Spear Phishing: What’s The Difference? (Plain English)

Everywhere you turn, you are probably hearing about phishing attacks. According to research by KnowBe4, 70% to 90% of breaches today involve phishing.But do you know a phishing method that is highly effective?Spear phishing.Let’s discuss the difference between phishing and spear phishing and how you...

Cybersecurity Training For Beginners

This course is the ultimate free cybersecurity training for beginners. If you are wanting to learn cybersecurity so you can help secure your small or mid-sized business, this training is perfect. Over the next few weeks, we are going to release new modules training you about information se...

Small Business Network Security

Today, I’m going to show you a complete small business network security checklist. In fact, this checklist is one of the main reasons that our customers are able to stop attackers before they do damage to their organizations. So, if you’re looking for an effective way to secure your computer network...

Clone Phishing Attacks

Cyber criminals are constantly evolving their attacks and tweaking methods that work. One phishing attack method that attackers have recently been using is clone phishing. It is effective! When we use this attack on social engineering engagements, we typically get a 50% click rate. Wh...

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